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Digitalizing Documents in Archiving
About Digitalizing Documents in Archiving Solution
People usually make forms of data to record the status of production for each production line. Included in each form of data, the information, such as the rate of progress, the rate of qualified goods, the status of machines, the status of workers, is quite important and critical. Thus, in order to get detail information about each production line, it is necessary to handle these huge amounts of recording papers properly. ...learn more

Application Products
The ArtixScan DI 5260 is a newly developed color document scanner with two...more
The ArtixScan DI 6260S is a very high-speed, sheet-fed, duplex, A4 sized,...more
Space Saving and Productive Scanner The ArtixScan DI 8040c, a color...more
Perfect Design for Scanning Bound Materials Microtek’s XT3500 is a...more
XT5830 HS is an A3-sized flatbed scanner, with a slim and elegant appearance....more
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