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MiPAX-SR Workstation

Ultrasound Auto-Report Workstation

MiPAX-SR is an Auto Structured Report Workstation designed exclusively for GYN (Gynecology), OBS (Obstetrics), and Cardiology. The workflow is very simple, including three steps. First, transfer data from the Level 2 Ultrasound to MiPAX-SR. Second, all data are auto-fit-in the Structured Report. Third, upload Structured Report to PACS.

IMoreover, MiPAX-SR provides customized reports, which is unique in the market. Every report can be customized exclusively for different diagnosis. All data from Ultrasound machine fit in every filed automatically.

In addition, MiPAX-SR's report printing and CD burning features enable users to review & share their records conveniently.
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