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MiPAX-QC Workstation

Quality Control for Medical Image and Data

Functions of MiPAX-QC Workstation
?1. Verify Medical Image
(1) Correction of image
(2) Quality of image

?2. Confirm Medical Image and Data
(1) Confirmation of image and patient's data
(2) Confirmation of medical records to doctor's need

Main Features
1. Verification of medical image and data for "Study", "Series", "Image"
2. Supports image display modes: normal, compare, and dental modes
3. Built-in image adjustment and measurement tools
4. Built-in dental templates
5. Built-in fast reporting module
6. Supports CD-burning in DICOMDIR format and built-in CD viewer
7. Directly uploads files to PACS server
8. Supports DICOM print
9. Supports database backup and restore

To get more information of the MiPAX with clinically proven image quality and excellent performance, please contact our sales team.

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