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MII Industrial
MII-800XL Plus
Microtek hi-speed NDT/RT Digitizing System, the MII-800XL Plus, provides a fast and reliable RT film image digitizing in just seconds. With the advanced technology of the warm up free LED light source, the MII-800XL Plus can reach full brightness and operate on/off immediately. Simply using customized templates, the MII-800XL Plus can easily carry out the auto-crop function to scan multi-films at a time. In addition, it captures details in bright and dark areas at a high optical resolution of 3200 dpi (7.9 μm), 4.7 Dmax, and 16-bit grayscale. It provides the NDT/RT professionals a smart and easy way to digitize the NDT/RT films.

Furthermore, the system contains a powerful image management software, MiiNDT, which developed specifically for radiographic inspection industry. MiiNDT has a state of the art user interface for users easy to use. The data format of MiiNDT including date, project number, target number, and other related information, is qualified for ASTM standard and DICONDE format. MiiNDT also provides many image adjustment and measurement tools to capture, inquire, and measure images. In addition, MiiNDT provides functions for images notations, report editing, CD-burning, transmitting, and converting to DICONDE format. MiiNDT makes NDT/RT images easier to archive, review, and share. MiiNDT also supports printing as 100% real size of original image that is very convenient for engineers to find the defect part immediately in operating site. It is a time-efficient and effective solution for industrial image management.
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