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Medi-2200 Plus
Hi-Speed Dental Digitizer Approved by FDA

With the advanced technology of the LED light source, the Medi-2200 Plus can reach full brightness and on/off operation immediately. The energy-saving Medi-2200 Plus is perfect for fast-paced environment of the dentist's office, QC Station, and PACS. The Medi-2200 Plus is a professional dental digitizer with full functions.

It can quickly perform scanning, cropping, and saving images for multi-films at a time. Equipped with 16-bit grayscale, 4.2 Dmax, and an optical resolution up to 4800 dpi, the Medi-2200 Plus ensures that your scans will capture all the details presenting in light and darkness areas. In addition, through the optional MiPAX gateway software, the digitized dental films can be easily and quickly integrated with the PACS system.
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