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ObjectScan 1600
To significantly solve digitization inefficiency common to the global herbaria museums, Microtek launches a workstation consisting of ObjectScan 1600 scanner, ScanWizard_Botany software (optional), and MiVapp_Botany archive management system (optional). This integrated workstation is characterized by, (1) On-top scan design for full-frame focus, (2) 1600 dpi (equal to 1 Gigabyte pixels) color CCD, (3) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for specimen label and 1D barcode, and (4) image archive and privileged-account cloud management system. Both software and management system provide intuitive interface for non-IT herbarium curators and botanists, especially for herbarium inexperienced volunteers. The database structure follows JSTOR principle in order for the file exchange convenience between herbaria. Further, MiVapp_Botany can unit global academic efforts to speed up verification rate on image quality and metadata by offering remote log-in entry service. Under ideal set-up, this workstation can digitize 500,000 – 800,000 specimen per year where cost will be less than 5 USD for each specimen.
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