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A1 Large Format Flatbed scanner for Prepress, Reproduction, Digital Archiving
Microtek’s LS-3800 is a flat and large-format scanner which supports a scanning area up to 37” x 24”, larger than DIN A1 and perfect for scanning large documents, such as color posters, architectural drawings, industrial and construction blueprints. Moreover, it is also fit to scan clothes, textiles, hanging charts, bounded books, fragile materials, fine arts, and other exquisite originals. The LS-3800 has a color CCD with optical resolution of 800 dpi, ensuring superior imaging performance. The two-way switchable LED light source is perfect to scan subjects with either even or uneven surfaces. Also, it can be powered on immediately, requiring zero warm-up time. Users only need to put originals to be scanned on the glass surface and then they can easily get clear images.
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