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ArtixScan DI 2015c
Easy to Use Document Scanner with Multi Functions

Bundled with a newly improved ScanWizard DI program, the ArtixScan DI 2015c makes it easy to digitize piles of paper files. When OCR option window is activated, the built-in Auto Orientation function enables every scanned and saved OCR files present in a readable direction. Besides, the smart duplex scanning function turns your ArtixScan DI 2015c into a duplex scanner with a simplex scanner budget.

Also, the ArtixScan DI 2015c offers 600-dpi optical resolution and 48-bit color input depth, ensures that your scans will catch all the details and color fidelity presenting in the originals. The ArtixScan DI 2015C simplifies image capturing process and provides satisfactory image quality for professionals.
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