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About Policy
Microtek, Inc. Website Usage Articles and Legal Limitations
Notice: Upon visiting this website, please first read carefully the following articles. By using this website, you have accepted the terms stated in the articles. If you do not accept the terms of the articles (stated as ‘articles’ henceforth), please refrain from using this website
Usage of the website
Microtek, Inc. is a legally registered company in Taiwan.
Microtek, Inc. authorizes you to view and use the information published on the website for your personal but not commercial use. However, you must retain all the copyright or other patent statements included in the original information on on all copied material. You are not to, in any way, under any circumstances modify the information posted on the ‘platform’, nor should you copy, publicly display, perform, or redistribute it in any other methods for group or commercial gains.
Users are not to use the information in any way for any purpose on any other websites or networked computer environments. All the information posted on this ‘platform’ is copyrighted. Any usage of the information from this ‘platform’ without authorization could infringe copyright law, trademark law, or any other laws. All the information, program instructions, ideas, documentations, services, and downloadable software are all copyrighted products of Microtek, Inc. or its providers. Excluding those stated in the ‘License Agreement’, any copying or redistributing of the software is forbidden.
Link this website
Users are allowed links to the contents of Microtek, Inc. but are not allowed to copy them.
Users are not allowed to establish browsers or border environment using contents related to Microtek, Inc. website.
Users are not to suggest the approval of their website or the website’s products and services by Microtek, Inc.
Users are not to incorrectly proclaim any relation to Microtek, Inc.
Without permission, users should not adopt the usage of any Microtek, Inc.-related logos on their own account.
Link to the supporting company website
This website group has obtained the right to link and publish the websites of its business affiliates. Microtek, Inc. has not reviewed all the platforms of the supporting companies and does not control or will not be held responsible for these websites or their contents. Therefore, regarding any of the websites or any of the websites’ information, software, products, contents, or the possible consequences that might occur after usage, Microtek, Inc. will not be held accountable for any of the charges. If you decide to save any links to the websites of our business affiliates, please note that all risks will be undertaken by yourself. All the pictures of the products are schematic diagrams and not intended to infringe the copyright of depicted architecture or products. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately and we will remove it instantly!

You are allowed to establish links to this ‘platform’ from other websites but must follow the directions stated in the articles posted on Microtek, Inc. website group. All laws regarding the website must be observed.
Microtek, Inc is a legally registered company in Taiwan.
Microtek, Inc., Microtek and,and other product names are all registered trademarks, patents, or service logos of Microtek, Inc.
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