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From the world's first black & white sheet-fed scanner in 1984 till now, MICROTEK has made history with victories in digital imaging industry.

MICROTEK R&D team members took this picture with the world's first 200 dpi black & white sheet-fed scanner, MS-200, in the early spring of 1985.
    • 1980
    Founded in the Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu
    • 1984
    Released the world's first 200 dpi black & white sheet-fed scanner
    • 1988
    Initial public offering on the Taiwanese Stock Market
    • 1989
    Introduced the first color image scanner to the world
    • 1992
    Headquarters grand opening
    • 1998
    Honored as “300 Best Small Companies” by Forbes Global
    • 1999
    Consecutively honored as “300 Best Small Companies” by Forbes Global
    • 2000
    National Museum reposed Microtek’s Millenarian Memorial Mahogany
  • 2001

    ArtixScan 2500f gained the National Gold Award of Excellence 2001
    • 2003
    ScanMaker 6800 gained the National Award of Excellence 2003
    • 2004
    ArtixScan 4000tf gained the National Award of Excellence 2004
    • 2008
    Received ISO 13485 certification
  • 2009
    Medical digitizer Medi-6000 received FDA certification
    Medical digitizer Medi-6000, Medi-3200, Medi-2200 and Medi-1200 received SFDA certification
  • 2010
    Medical digitizer Medi-6000 received manufacturing permission of medical devices from
    Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan
    Headquarters in Taiwan received GMP certificate
  • 2011
    Medical digitizers and MiPAX software received CE Mark certification
  • 2012
    Released NDT/RT digital system, an industrial non-destructive testing application, MII-800XL Plus and MII-900 Plus digitizers, stepping into a new era of industry applications.
    Released Bio-6000/Bio-6000T, a biotech image capturing system, stepping into a new era of biology applications.
  • 2014
    Released applications, for example, LS-3700 A1 Flatbed scanner,
    for scanning large-scale materials.
  • 2016
    Release Bio-1000F, an integrated blue-light scanner for gel scanning and cutting.
    The Bio-1000F has been reported and recommended by the Science Magazine for two times.
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