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Professional Image Scanners
about Molds and Circuit Boards
Nowadays, the flourishing of the IT industry promotes the requirements for mass productions come from the automation of factories in electronics-related industries. Because the capacities of each production line in factories are enormous, there is no tolerance of mistakes generated by mis-inserting a component into a product. Thus, the quality control (QC) of inserting-components becomes very critical. Many manual QC inspections have been replaced by computerized images, which can fasten production capacities and decrease mistakes made by the inspecting personnel. For this reason, Microtek’s scanners are applicable to be adopted in the image inspection of circuit boards.

Microtek’s ScanMaker 9800XL and ArtixScan F1 are scanners specifically designed and used for fast and large-quantity image inspections of circuit boards and components in production lines.
Application Products
XT6060 is an A3-sized flatbed scanner. It is equipped with a CCD sensor,...more
Enhanced from ArtixScan M1, the ArtixScan M2 captures sharp, astonishing and...more
Enhanced from ArtixScan F1, the ArtixScan F2 captures sharp, astonishing and...more
The ArtixScan 3200XL, a prepress specialized scanner equips with 3200 dpi...more
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