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Professional Image Scanners
about Knitwear and Textile
Taiwan has built up a sound foundation in knitwear, textile and printing and dyeing industries. In these industrial chains, no matter it is when people want to research and develop new-designed patterns, to maintain good quality controls when making products or to transfer blueprints into electronic files from customers, they definitely need the help from the scanners with superior precision and large scanning area to achieve the digitization of works.

Due to the outstanding product characteristics, Microtek’s ScanMaker 9800XL and ArtixScan F1 are adopted extensively by the industrials over a long period of time.
Application Products
Professional Large A3-sized Graphic Scanner Microtek’s ScanMaker 9800XL...more
Large A3-sized Scanner with Built-in Photo Reconstruction Technology...more
Microtek’s LS-3800 is a flat and large-format scanner which supports a scanning...more
Microtek’s LS-3700 is a flat and large-format scanner which supports a scanning...more
Enhanced from ArtixScan M1, the ArtixScan M2 captures sharp, astonishing and...more
Enhanced from ArtixScan F1, the ArtixScan F2 captures sharp, astonishing and...more
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