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about Digitizing Books
Designed to meet the requirements of scanning thick books, Microtek’s XT-3300 high speed scanner is equipped with the Zero Boundary design, which easily eliminates the problem of scanning bound pages with text and pictures close to the inner margin of a book or magazine, guaranteeing blurs and distortions free.

It means that you can go through contents and images of a whole page easily and there is no need to worry about damaging books because of pressing them with great exertion, and thus you can prolong the life cycle of books and spend less to buy new books. No matter the scanned targets are books, magazines, business or educational training materials, there is no doubt that the XT-3300 is your best helper to scan. If you want to scan large-sized books, the FileScan 1600XL should be your marvelous candidate.
Application Products
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