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Document Scanners
about Management of Purchase Order
If a company can have one set of purchase order management systems, it is able to manage the data of purchase orders easily and consummately, and therefore it can offer customers services with high quality and run its business with full management.

No matter your requirements are about managing numbers of purchase orders, monitoring manufacturing schedules, inquiring manufacturing time of each project, checking what materials are used, and recording manufacturing quantities in a day, if you can adopt Microtek’s scanners, for example, ScanMaker 5950SD, ArtixScan DI 2015c, ArtixScan DI 2125c, ArtixScan DI 3130c, plus the help of Microtek’s Document Management System (DMS), you can replace manual labors by electronic devices, which helps to efficiently manage the procedures of receiving materials, to know the quantities of raw materials having in hand at any time, or to solve the problems of lack of materials caused by excessive orders.
Application Products
With a built-in automatic document feeder that can hold up to 100 sheets of...more
The ArtixScan DI 7200S is a high-speed, sheet-fed, duplex, A4 sized, color...more
The ArtixScan DI 6260S is a very high-speed, sheet-fed, duplex, A4 sized,...more
The ArtixScan DI 6250S is a very high-speed, sheet-fed, duplex, A4 sized,...more
The ArtixScan DI 6240S is a very high-speed, sheet-fed, duplex, A4 sized,...more
Powerful Business Document Management Scanner With a built-in automatic...more
Compact and Portable for Great Opportunities With a compact and portable...more
Easy to Use Document Scanner with Multi Functions Bundled with a newly...more
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