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Document Scanners
about Declarations of International
Nowadays, international trades are thriving and flourishing. Imported or exported commodities can be transported fast among worldwide harbors and ports. However, the declaration is still one procedure which remains unchanged and complicated.

From commodity certificates, testing and verify documents from costume brokers, imported and exported licenses, to selling permits, there involves huge amounts of paper documents.

At this moment, if users can adopt Microtek’s scanners, for example, ScanMaker 5950SD and ArtixScan DI 2015c, together with Microtek’s patented scanning software, they can digitize and transfer these paper documents into electronic files easily. Finally, taking on Microtek’s Document Management System (DMS), it should become easy and convenient to manage and search the database of commodity information.
Application Products
The ArtixScan DI 6240S is a very high-speed, sheet-fed, duplex, A4 sized,...more
Powerful Business Document Management Scanner With a built-in automatic...more
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